About Us

Indo Select establish in 2009 as a subdivision company of JAM Worldwide Hospitality Recruitment in Indonesia. With centre of operation in Denpasar Bali, Indonesia as Recruitment & Manning agency serving hospitality and maritime industry with vision to become a recruitment & manning agency that operate with High Business Ethic that look on quality recruitment and will continue to do so in everything that we do.

As of January 2011 our company has start adapting MLC 2006 which we are than obtain our compliancy certificate by Lloyd register for SRPS (Seafarers Recruitment & Placement Services) on the same subject. Thus there will be no placement fee will be collected to the candidates when they applying for a job onboard our Client vessel.

Indo Select not just simply working by request from their clients, but we are also maintaining quality of the people that we select so it is on the same level from one to another from every personnel that we recruit.

We work with high business ethic by doing all the business that we do with high transparency where our clients; crew and candidates aware about the whole process; cost involved and reasonable time frame to do every task given.

Each and every personnel at Indo Select consider our Client, Crew and Candidates are part of Indo Select.

Thus, we never hide any information and will always share any update with regards to the improvement and or changes related with recruitment and manning itself.

We have this culture and vision flow in our company and will continue to do this in years to come.